Are you sick of being



STUCK in someone else's body?


UNHAPPY when you look in the mirror?


EMBARRASSED going clothes shopping?


SELF-CONSCIOUS exercising in front of others?



CONFIDENT about your body!


HAPPY when you look in the mirror!


EXCITED going clothes shopping!


SAFE and COMFORTABLE exercising from home!

And… feel HEALTHY, FIT and STRONG!

Why we want to help YOU


What makes us DIFFERENT


Safest Exercises

Have peace of mind and be able to enjoy your program, knowing that our exercises are anatomically designed to be the SAFEST possible

Best Results

We educate you on the most effective ways to exercise and eat healthy, so you can maximise your fat burn and reclaim your vitality


More Fun

Our positive, upbeat natures will have you losing weight and getting back in shape, with a smile on your face the whole time

Workout With Us

  We perform the workouts with you from start   to finish, to keep you motivated and make that this time you don’t give up

Keep Your Weight OFF

We will provide you with all the tools and support      you need, to lose that extra weight and actually    keep it off for life!

Women's Weight Loss Specialists

We’re passionate about helping women feel fantastic about their bodies, which is why our workouts are tailored to help women lose weight and tone up in all the right places!

Members we have HELPED


“Over the last decade, I’ve been under huge stress from managing multiple businesses, and always found food to be like an escape. So I kept gaining weight and became the heaviest I’ve ever been aside from when I was pregnant. I was so embarrassed going to business conferences, and could barely fit into my clothes any more. But through the Weight Loss program and healthy eating guidance, I’ve lost that extra weight and actually toned up! Now I feel great, love how I look and actually have other people comment on how great I look too!”

Business Owner

“Before starting with Phoenix Pro Fitness, I was overweight and starting to develop health risks. I knew I was unhealthy and unfit, but I’d formed such bad habits that I didn’t think I could do anything about it. But since training with Kayla, I’ve gotten into the habit of exercising regularly and following a healthy eating lifestyle. Now those health risks are gone, I’m the fittest I’ve have been in 30 years, and I’ve dropped 2 dress sizes! I couldn’t be happier”

Insurance Manager

How we can help YOU

We don’t want this to be another time when you start your weight loss journey and give up. Or when you lose weight and put it all back on again. Which is why we get to know what motivates YOU and use that to push you to reach your goals

How many times have you said to yourself “I’ll start next week”?            Stop making excuses and start now!

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